Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding myself

That's where I've been this last week...finding myself...
You know, searching deep within, letting my inner voice speak, meditating and all that jazz.

Here's what I found:

1) I'm lazy and would rather spend time with my little man and a grape/lime snow cone than think of something witty to post on my blog...
2) I'm totally turning into a real mom. It's scaring's the evidence.
* I clap (it's more like a flap, really) and scream and altogether making a FOOL out of myself every time my son does something new.
* I wear my hair in a bun/ponytail eeevery day (sorry bout that one babe) and it's not cute...(anyone want to babysit so I can get a haircut...anyone?! Please, don't all volunteer at once).
* I freaked out that my son was walking barefoot around the play place at mcdonalds (ok...that one's a lie. I was more freaking out because of all the "what kind of mother ARE you" looks I was receiving from all the good moms who make their kids wear shoes and wouldn't dream of giving their 10 month old french fries *gasp*...ugh I could write an entire post on this but I'll save that for another day when I'm not still super annoyed...)
3) I let my child have an occasional french fry and I don't care what you think.
4) I tend to go on random tangents...a lot. *see 2 and 3*
5) I have to go number 2 every time I walk into a target. everytime?! I know I'm not the only one with this problem. We all have that "place" and I want to know where yours is. Barnes and noble? The grocery store?? Please, for the love of God, tell me I'm not the only one with a "special place" or I'll really regret putting myself out there and being honest with you guys.
6) Since becoming a mom I've lost all my pride and shame. *see number 5*. I just don't care anymore and I've gotta tell feels good. Real good.
7) This list is getting out of control and I. Must. Stop. Now.

So that's where I've been. Hope ya missed me, hope I still have a few readers left, hope I didn't scare any of those remaining readers away with this awesome entry.

Betcha didn't think I'd post about pooping in target after being away for a week did ya??

I'm full of surprises.

Y'all come back now, ya hear??



  1. Eww girl you be nasty! Your blog is no place to talk about where you drop your doo doo. Sick!

  2. Oh Bertha, you're just jealous you can't drop a deuce like I can

  3. Barnes and Noble.... Maddie eats French Fries regularly....and yes, you still have readers!

  4. Anytime I'm on the phone with my sisters!! And potatos are a veggie... Everything in moderation.... And I check your blog daily!! Love you, Mom.and ps....just carry purell and wet wipes in your fanny pack on top of your mom jeans.. Lol

  5. During afternoon nap, partial to the mexi-fry, I'm a loyal reader...

    I have found the hat to be a wonderful ponytail alternative. Double yikes!!!

  6. Hahaha aunt Wendy, your comments ALWAYS make me laugh!! I love you

  7. Just laughed out loud at the fanny pack/mom jean image in my head! LOL

    *JoAnn's Fabric
    *Real Deals
    *And when I'm just minutes away from home....just like a horse running for a corral.

    The other day I actually had to rock back & forth to keep it in, and while sweating profusely, kinda yelled at the boys to stop laughing. And on a different day, same scenario, I came down our "drive way" to find our carport blocked. I parked right in the middle of the alley, grabbed Nora, abandoned the jeep, and RAN. When I came out to retrieve it my neighbor guy asked what was wrong with the jeep. And then I actually told him the truth. Whaaat??!! Yep, told him our garage was blocked and I had to poop REAL BAD! I don't even know him that well. Hahahahaha! I am a real mom of Lewiston, Id. I wonder when they'll make THAT a reality show!

    Loved this post, Jess ~ you are super funny!!!