Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Jack v. 1

Dear Jack,

I hope you always know I always wanted you. You are the best part of me.

I hope you're never embarrassed to kiss me on the cheek and tell me you love me. Even when you're 17 and too cool for school.

I hope you and your daddy are best friends. I foresee a lot of adventures in your future.

I hope you trust me with your feelings and your secrets-I am, and always will be, your biggest supporter.

I hope you are a fisher of men.

I hope you love my cooking and come home from college with requests for me to make your favorite meals.

I hope you know Christ's love.

I hope you are always silly and always determined (these are two of your best qualities)

I hope you are a kind and cheerful helper. (I know you will be, you already are.)

I hope you will know the difference between right and wrong and not be afraid to say no.

I hope you make mistakes (and learn from them).

I hope when I am old and grey you will return the favor and take care of me as I once took care of you.

I have so many hopes and dreams for you, little man. I hope you will have them for yourself one day, too.

I love you always.



  1. that might be the cutest thing ive ever read

  2. Um, for real. Stop being so cute, you're going to make me cry.

  3. This post is so sweet and heartfelt. I know there is no way this little boy will not grow up knowing how much he is loved and cherished. :)

  4. Love it Sis!!! Missed you guys so much last week being off line at Gma t's house!!!! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!! You're a good momma.... Jack is blessed

  5. Whoa! How'd I miss this post, too??? My eyes are blurred with a lot of wet in them...sniff, sniff! This is so sweet, Jess! Don't you love when you're overcome with thoughts like this? I wish I had written them all down....guess it's not too late. I still get overcome :)
    Love you guys,
    Aunt Kelly