Monday, August 8, 2011

Soaking up the sun

Thats my excuse for being absent the last two weeks. It's been a refreshing 110 degrees here everyday, so obviously we've been spending our days outside...
Ok, so it hasn't been refreshing, but it IS summer and the last two weeks have been filled with trips to the splash park, the zoo, two straight weekends off for my hubby (woo hoo! and yes, that is a luxury around here, unfortunately) best friends getting engaged, family coming in town, etc etc etc.
Needless to say, my days have been filled with things other than blogging, and although it's been nice to have a break, I've missed it. Hopefully this week I'll be able to get back in the swing of things!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Down on the farm

I keep seeing these amazing old barn doors being refurbished and put INside of homes.

You could say I'm obsessed.

Just a little bit.

Ok, I'm a lot obsessed and I don't care who knows it. Add this to my wish list of things I want in my dream home.

Seriously? So cool. Any of y'all have some old barn doors lying around?? I'd love to take them off your, really, I'll do all the heavy lifting myself.

Let me know.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Wordless Monday

Busy day around here (you know...napping, skyping with grammy, laundry etc...) so instead of a lengthy boring post, I'll just leave you with a few yummy pics of the little man. We've been trying some new things the last few weeks, including swinging and splash parks...if the pictures aren't clear enough, he LOVES both...


Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Jack v. 1

Dear Jack,

I hope you always know I always wanted you. You are the best part of me.

I hope you're never embarrassed to kiss me on the cheek and tell me you love me. Even when you're 17 and too cool for school.

I hope you and your daddy are best friends. I foresee a lot of adventures in your future.

I hope you trust me with your feelings and your secrets-I am, and always will be, your biggest supporter.

I hope you are a fisher of men.

I hope you love my cooking and come home from college with requests for me to make your favorite meals.

I hope you know Christ's love.

I hope you are always silly and always determined (these are two of your best qualities)

I hope you are a kind and cheerful helper. (I know you will be, you already are.)

I hope you will know the difference between right and wrong and not be afraid to say no.

I hope you make mistakes (and learn from them).

I hope when I am old and grey you will return the favor and take care of me as I once took care of you.

I have so many hopes and dreams for you, little man. I hope you will have them for yourself one day, too.

I love you always.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday v. 4

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Grisham,

First of all, thank you for being so cute. Also, thank you for finally getting your $h!+ together and moving back to Dallas this weekend, it's about time. Can't wait to go on double dates with These cuties

Dear Three men and a lady,

Thank you for posting this amazing picture and giving me a love of vintage suitcases. I would like to take this picture and copy it exactly in my future dream home.

Dear Ash,

Thank you for always being overly and genuinely excited to see my little man (sometimes I think you'd rather see him than me, but it's whatevs). You always make me feel extra proud to be his mom.

Dear watermelon margarita,

Thank you for being so pretty and delicious. I can't wait to make you tonight.

Dear Hubby and bean,

Thank you for being mine. You make my heart full.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding myself

That's where I've been this last week...finding myself...
You know, searching deep within, letting my inner voice speak, meditating and all that jazz.

Here's what I found:

1) I'm lazy and would rather spend time with my little man and a grape/lime snow cone than think of something witty to post on my blog...
2) I'm totally turning into a real mom. It's scaring's the evidence.
* I clap (it's more like a flap, really) and scream and altogether making a FOOL out of myself every time my son does something new.
* I wear my hair in a bun/ponytail eeevery day (sorry bout that one babe) and it's not cute...(anyone want to babysit so I can get a haircut...anyone?! Please, don't all volunteer at once).
* I freaked out that my son was walking barefoot around the play place at mcdonalds (ok...that one's a lie. I was more freaking out because of all the "what kind of mother ARE you" looks I was receiving from all the good moms who make their kids wear shoes and wouldn't dream of giving their 10 month old french fries *gasp*...ugh I could write an entire post on this but I'll save that for another day when I'm not still super annoyed...)
3) I let my child have an occasional french fry and I don't care what you think.
4) I tend to go on random tangents...a lot. *see 2 and 3*
5) I have to go number 2 every time I walk into a target. everytime?! I know I'm not the only one with this problem. We all have that "place" and I want to know where yours is. Barnes and noble? The grocery store?? Please, for the love of God, tell me I'm not the only one with a "special place" or I'll really regret putting myself out there and being honest with you guys.
6) Since becoming a mom I've lost all my pride and shame. *see number 5*. I just don't care anymore and I've gotta tell feels good. Real good.
7) This list is getting out of control and I. Must. Stop. Now.

So that's where I've been. Hope ya missed me, hope I still have a few readers left, hope I didn't scare any of those remaining readers away with this awesome entry.

Betcha didn't think I'd post about pooping in target after being away for a week did ya??

I'm full of surprises.

Y'all come back now, ya hear??


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday v. 3 (better late than never right?)

How is it Thursday already?! I swear I just wrote last weeks post and here I am again sitting down with my list of "thanks". Although this is only the third week, I've really enjoyed the time I've spent writing these entries. They've made me more aware of how LITTLE I have to complain about. My life has been filled with blessings and I'm so thankful I'll have these posts years from now to remind me of where I was and how I've grown.

This week has flown by and it's been filled with family, friends, and new milestones. It seems lately that every time we turn around Jack has learned something new. Every stage with him has been sweet and exciting, but I've got to say, this last month has been my favorite. His little personality is really starting to shine and he cracks me up on a daily basis with his charm and mischievousness (don't let that smile fool ya...he is always up to something).
Within the last week alone he has started waving and saying what sounds like "heeeeeyyyy". He's also mastered the "kiss" (when I ask him to give mama kisses he will hold my face and bite my lips...painful, but ooooh so cute) and knows who "dada" is. One of the biggest and definitely most exciting things to happen in our home this last week was this...

Although I sometimes complain about wishing I had a "life" outside of mommy hood, I am beyond thankful that I am able to stay home with my little man. I love getting to watch him grow on a daily basis and I know when he is older and embarrassed to hang out with me (which is never gonna happen...tell me it's never gonna happen?!) I will look back and thank the Lord I was able to spend so much one on one time with him as a baby.

Ok, could I be anymore sappy and emotional right now?! You'll have to excuse son is walking. I'm never going to forgive him.

Alright y'all, moms are probably Gods greatest creation. Right? Who's with me?! My mom, (she's the one with me in the picture...ya, you all probably thought that was my sister. I know...she gets it all the time. Here's hopin I got her good genes). Anyway, today everyday I am more and more thankful for my mom. One of the best things about growing up and becoming a mom yourself, is that it takes the whole mother daughter relationship to an entirely new level. I always knew my mom loved me, always, but I never really understood that love until I had Jack. Having a baby of your own is like the best therapy you can imagine, it makes you realize (in an instant) WHY your mom was the way she was (you know...overprotective, nosy, bossy ;)).

My mom and I have grown closer in the last 10 months than we've been in all of my 23 years. She is my best friend, my encourager, my confidant, and the answer to all my questions. She is the one who calls me when there is a huge sale at the gap, the one who taught me how to cook, appreciate an ice cold beer in a coffee mug (there's nothin like it) and pluck my eyebrows the right way. She's the one who treats my baby like he's hers (and I wouldn't have it any other way). She still makes me feel like her little girl even though I'm married and have my own family now, she still let's me call and cry to her over the phone when I'm having one of those days, and she always, no matter what, tells me the truth. I love her and am so thankful she taught me how to love.

And you guys thought I was done being overly emotional....psshhh

I'll end with this...

I'm thankful for a husband who lives in reality and knows I'm not perfect. One who willingly eats a schmorgasboard (sp?!) dinner when I forgot to thaw the chicken ;). thanks babe!