Monday, July 4, 2011


Three hundred sixty five days ago we were celebrating the 4th with my family. We were still 2 months away from meeting the bean and couldn't imagine what he, or our lives, would be like.

This year, Jack is 10 months old and it's hard to remember life before him. Crazy how much can change in a year. Feeling so blessed to be spending this fourth of July with my two favorite boys.



  1. I can't wait til my hair is long enough for a braid... I feel like it's completely stopped growing. Super cute pics! Hi bean! Hi davido!

  2. You found the pic!! CANNOT believe a year has already passed.... And what a crazy year its been..... But So thankful for baby Jack and Baby Maddie and our family.... Love you crazy kids!

  3. Sooooo precious! Love you...